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I know what you’re thinking.  It is hard to get fit.  The good news, though?  It is possible.  HABIT Magazine is a space dedicated to the wellness of the whole being, a choice of lifestyle marked by the balance of mind and body.  The body is our temple, find your balance with healthy fitness routines, recipes and an overall motivational space.

YOGA 101 With vanessa

If you are just sitting around at your desk, you may as well join Vanessa in a little topples yoga action! 

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Naked yoga, as the name implies, involves practicing yoga without clothing. While the practice of naked yoga is not for everyone, it has become increasingly popular in recent years due to a number of perceived benefits. Here are some potential benefits of naked yoga:

  1. Increased self-awareness: Practicing yoga without clothing can help individuals become more comfortable with their bodies and develop a greater sense of self-awareness. This can help improve body image and self-esteem.

  2. Improved flexibility and range of motion: Practicing yoga without clothing allows for greater freedom of movement and can help improve flexibility and range of motion. This can lead to more effective yoga poses and a greater sense of physical accomplishment.

  3. Greater connection to nature: Practicing naked yoga in a natural setting, such as outdoors, can help individuals feel more connected to nature and the environment. This can enhance the overall yoga experience and promote a greater sense of peace and well-being.

  4. Enhanced sexual experience: Practicing naked yoga with a partner can promote intimacy and enhance the sexual experience. It can also help individuals feel more comfortable with their bodies during intimate moments.

  5. Improved skin health: Practicing yoga without clothing can allow the skin to breathe and reduce the risk of skin irritation or infections. This can promote overall skin health and reduce the risk of skin-related health issues.

It’s important to note that naked yoga is not for everyone, and individuals should always practice within their own comfort level and personal boundaries. It’s also important to practice in a safe and respectful environment with a qualified instructor.


Check out and watch me on a 6 minute topples clip this morning.



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