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Define your own sexual blueprint.  Here at HABIT, we recognize sexual needs.  Our goal and focus is educating and empowering adults with tools to explore their sexual desire and boost their confidence, all in a sex-positive environment.  We are all about making your fantasies a reality with our stigma free and fully uncensored platform.  Let’s put aside judgement, be yourself and ask questions to learn and grow.

What Women Want…

                                     you to know… 

I can completely understand why some men have a hard time knowing exactly what women want. I’m mean, we’re not exactly the simplest of creatures (I’ll be the first to admit that). But, after getting all our girls together, we did find out that actually we do all have one thing in common – We all want to be wanted! Sounds simple, right? Well, not so fast, you know we wouldn’t make it that easy on ya.  You see, it’s not necessarily always what you’re doing, it’s how you are doing it. Are you following? Well, if not, don’t worry I’ll share with you some of the lady’s secret desires. Listen up closely because I think you’re gonna wanna hear this… 

I want a man with ambition and partner to join me on all of my crazy adventures. I want my man to push the limits of ALL my fantasies, a man that is not intimidated by a strong female. A man with confidence and is in control. I want him to breathe, touch, lick, and kiss every inch of my bare skin. I want my man to be my warrior, and I’ll be his sword. I want my man to throw me in the sheets and make me feel like I’m his next meal!


You’ll definitely get better reviews if you’re putting in the work. Meet our needs first and I promise you – yours will get filled too! You wouldn’t want one star on Yelp. Why wouldn’t you try for five stars in the bedroom? 

   -Ashley W. 

Indulge in us. Women don’t want to feel insecure or be called out for how raunchy we want to be! Help us let our inner slut be the horny little thing she really is! Smack that booty, grab that hair, turn us on like we’re in a porno, dirty talk, filthy sex, make her squirt & cum multiple times, no such thing as too many. Leave us so wet and juicy. Make us crave rounds 2 & 3. And, by all means, don’t make us feel ashamed for wanting to indulge!

   -Anastasia H.

Learn to read your women. We all have needs that can fluctuate depending on our mood. Know when your woman wants to be loved gently, or when she wants a hard spanking or a throat grab. The less we have to verbalize, the more impressed we are. 


Sure, women might be a little complicated but that doesn’t mean we aren’t giving you cues as to what we like. If I’m silent while you are trying a move that worked on your last girlfriend, try something else! Take the lead. Push me against the wall and pull on my hair. Every now and then I want to take the lead, but there is nothing sexier than a man who has confidence in the bedroom. And, always preheat the oven!!  😉

   -Veronica P.

I can’t speak for every woman but, most of the women I know want HOT SEX. We want our fantasies filled. Don’t be shy. Give us what we want. 

   -Natalie D.

I’m very bipolar, especially when it comes to sex! There are some days where I want rough sex. I’ll want it to last hours, I want to get off, and I want my partner to get off as much as possible. Even throw in some toys and BDSM. There are also days where I want that sweet love making. I want to be kissed everywhere, I want soft gentle touches, and I want to be held.


Feeling wanted is my biggest turn on. I want you to come up from behind me and pull me into you when I’m least expecting it. Pressing up against each other like that is an instant turn on. Whisper something dirty in my ear. Then, kiss my neck… and it’s over. Once you kiss my neck – we’re fucking. 

   -Margrett M. 

“A lady on the streets, a freak in the sheets”.  There’s a reason this quote is popular.  Women are complicated creatures, so don’t paint us one dimensional. I want intense, specific desire from my man. Nothing is a better compliment than I am my man’s “little blue pill”. My sexual desire is as wide ranging as I am, so learning my non-verbal cues is paramount. Am I desiring luxurious, silken, achingly slow lovemaking? Or volcanic, raw, erotic, naughty sex? I want a man who can do both. I want a man that can take charge, but also feels just as comfortable when I do.  I am usually the one who initiates sex, and he needs to be okay with that.


We love it all!!  Guys, although we do love it when you are romantic. The sweet, slow, lovemaking is so beautiful and makes us feel special. We also love it when you mix it up and you get rough. Just pick us up and turn us any which way you want and have your way with us. Being tied up, blindfolded and teased is so hot…especially when you go downtown. We need so much more of that! Grab a cock ring and watch as it brings us to the next level of climax!! A guy who can try new things is HOT!!  

   -Kylie S 

I personally love it whenever a man eases into sex. Exploring my body with his mouth, teasing me until I’m begging for him to give me more! I also love it whenever a man can be vocal. Hearing a man moan is the hottest thing ever!!!


I like a man that pushes the envelope in the bedroom. Someone who doesn’t put rules or limitations on what we can explore in the bedroom. If that means I can dominate, then I’m going to dominate!

I personally love it whenever a man eases into sex. Exploring my body with his mouth, teasing me until I’m begging for him to give me more! I also love it whenever a man can be vocal. Hearing a man moan is the hottest thing ever!!



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