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Marine Lecourt + Cecilia

Do you have any pets?

I have only one pet, it’s a Pinscher and Chihuahua mix. I’ve had him since his birth because his mom is my mother’s dog. When he was born he was the youngest and so tiny but he was a little fighter, so I called him Batman because he is a superhero.

What is your dream vacation?

It’s difficult to choose a destination for a dream vacation, because I really like the sun but I also like to go to the mountains in winter to ski. When I travel, I like to experience¬† the local food and culture, and, of course, visiting different areas makes incredible memories.

What is your preferred morning drink?

I love getting up and drinking my latte. I love lattes, or cappuccinos. Anything with coffee! This is how you start the day perfectly! 

What is your ideal date?

An ideal date for me is a good restaurant to start the evening and then finish in a room with a private jacuzzi to fully enjoy ourselves.

Do you consider yourself dominant or submissive?

I am rather submissive, because I like to fully belong to my partner.

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