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Louise Bordeaux (Olivia) + Nigel

What are you most known for?

Hi there, my name is Louise Bordeaux and people would probably recognize me from my role on Naked News. It is the best job ever because I love the news and obviously I love to be naked; however, the best part of the job is that I get to produce my own segment called “The Naked Nerd.” I’ve grown up loving all things nerdy whether it be anime, cosplay or video games; combining this with my love of writing has just been an absolute joy and an amazing experience all around. I’ve also gotten to meet so many fans who have similar interests and it’s easy to get lost in conversation about tech news, current events, and so many more topics. More recently, I started my own internet “show” called “The Bikini Report.” It can be found on TikTok and YouTube  and it dives a bit deeper into the stories we cover on The Naked News but in bikinis!

What are your hobbies?

One of my favourite activities to do is work on and dress up in cosplays. I love to take characters that may not be considered sexy and completely sex them up. I get most of my inspiration from video game characters and I love to wear these sexy outfits to conventions. Unfortunately, in Canada, there are no conventions because of the pandemic so I share my sexiest creations on my Tempted page, 

What celebrity would you have sex with?

I feel like this is a weird answer, but I’ve always had the biggest crush on young Chet Baker. I absolutely love jazz and I also love a man who is multi-talented. He is known for playing the trumpet, but Chet Baker also has the smoothest voice I’ve ever heard which would definitely make some very sweet sounding dirty talk. I always find that artistic guys are usually the best in bed.

What are your turns ons and turn offs? Mention what attracts and attracts you to people.
I have two ultimate turn ons in a person: First, is definitely having a sense of humour. If a person can’t make me laugh then it’s going to get very boring, very quickly.  Second, is someone who is passionate. It actually doesn’t matter what that person is passionate about but I find it very attractive when someone is very involved in a hobby – it shows me they have alot of independence…which leads me to turn offs. I absolutely cannot be with someone who doesn’t have a strong sense of self. Though it is okay to be unmotivated at times, it’s very important that I am with someone who has goals for themselves and has a life outside of their relationship with me.

Photography by Nigel – IG @preacher_photography